Susan englisch

My name is Susan Mueller and I was born in Tulln. After completing my apprentaceship to become a retail saleswoman, I realized that I still needed to find my calling, the reason why Im here. During a longer stay in Ireland, I did not only discover a love to this isle and it’s people, but also that to the element of water.

SusanWhile I was pregnant for my son, Bob, i decided to return to Austria for a few years. The green Island never really let go of it’s grasp on me, thus I moved back to Ireland with my family and in 2001, I joined the Irish Water Safety Organisation. I had found my calling and after completing more than 600 hours of work together with various swim teachers and many Lifeguard Training lessons., I sucessfully completed my education and became a swim teacher myself. Safety is my highest priorety while taking care of others playing in the water and in my opinion, it is better to guard a student from problems while he is in the water rather than saving him/her. That is why my goal is to teach, above all others, children correct behaviour in the water through games and fun. Despite that I do find fun in my job, I take it very seriously, that is why I’m always up to date when it comes to First Aid. I enjoy teaching people to swim, no matter if they be large or small, and I try to do it in a way that’s fun for everyone!